TJ Hospodar (b. Cincinnati, 1977) is a trained photographer working in performance—comprising sound, image and movement. An interest in hospitality is explored through a service based aesthetic, tackling subjects such as meal-sharing, collective transportation, alternative housing, gift economies, interpersonal activity and correspondence. The work takes various forms, depending on project, such as a soup kitchen, dinner theatre, carpool or car service, hostel, bed and breakfast, conference, lecture, library, support group, phone call, postcard, bookmark, brag letter and recipe card. Work was shown at Dixon Place, Emily Harvey Foundation, Goethe Institut, Jan Hus Church, Judson Memorial Church, Westwood Gallery (New York); Cobble Hill Tunnel, Homestead Gallery, Launchpad (Brooklyn); Boggsville Boatel, Flux Factory, Sculpture Center (Queens); Okazi Gallery, FIT (Berlin); Manifatture Knos (Lecce); Wittmann’s (Vienna); Galeria de Diseño Casa Prado (Barranquilla). Awarded residencies include Pulse Laser Holography (Holocenter) at OSU and Moving Landscape (PepeNero) in Lecce.





MFA, Brooklyn College Brooklyn, NY
BS, University of Richmond Richmond, VA



Performance, Exhibition & Projects

"The Illuminati Ball NYC," Original Performance1.
Weylin; Brooklyn, NY.
"Dream Reservoir: A Night at the Surrealist Hotel," Delegated Performance.
Roger Smith Hotel; New York, NY.
Director: Rebecca Posner.
"The Illuminati Ball," Delegated Performance.
Private Residence; Greater New York, NY.
Director: Cynthia von Buhler.
"Speakeasy Dollhouse: Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic," Delegated Performance.
Liberty Theater; New York, NY.
Director: Cynthia von Buhler.
"Moving Landscape," Book Launch, Contributor9.
Interno-14, Spazio AIAC; Rome, Italy.
"Moving Landscape," Book Launch, Contributor9.
Railway Museum of Puglia; Lecce, Italy.
"David Foster Wallace Reading Group," Marathon Reading1.
Flux Factory; Long Island City, NY.
"0H10M1KE Reading Room," Docent1.
Old Gem Store; Brooklyn, NY.
"November Sud Est," Residency & Public Art Project: Installation/Performance.
PepeNero/Manifatture Knos; Lecce, Italy.
"Drive-By Portraiture," Collaborative Performance1.
Art in Odd Places; New York, NY.
"LUMEN," Double Projection1.
Atlantic Salt Company; Staten Island Arts, NY.
"Super Unusual Mayhem," Dinner Theatre1.
Glasshouse; Brooklyn, NY.
"Closing Line," Delegated Performance.
Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY.
Director: Brendan Fernandes.
"Composers Voice: Hard Eight," Ensemble Performance8.
Jan Hus Church; New York, NY.
"Curate NYC 25," Digital Animation.
Westwood Gallery; New York, NY.
"Austin Epik," Delegeated Performance.
Movement Research at the Judson Church; New York, NY.
"60x60 East Coast Mix," Electronic Audio Performance.
Harvestworks; New York, NY.
"Studio 300 Exhibition," Digital Animation.
BYTE Gallery; Transylvania University, KY.
"Artist in Wiki," Wiki Residence.
BIPAF Website; Brooklyn, NY.
"The Wrestler's Wrestler," Collaborative Performance1.
Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery; Brooklyn, NY.
"Oceanic General Circulation Model (Ice Sheet Decay)," Kinetic Sculpture.
eco*art*lab; Athens, GA.
"60x60 East Coast Mix," Electronic Audio Performance.
Dudley House; Harvard, MA.
"100 NYC Artists—Small–Works-," Pop Up Art Shop.
Galeria de Diseño Casa Prado; Barranquilla, Colombia
"Scorpios Anonymous," Collaborative Performance.
Dixon Place; New York, NY
"Mealku: Nutriarts," Photography / Installation7.
RH Gallery; New York, NY
"0H10M1ke TV the Magazine Vol 8," Photography.
0H10M1KE TV; The Internet, Germany
"Esprit de Corps," Collaborative Performance & Exhibition.
Okazi Gallery; Berlin, Germany
"Pierogi Party," Collaborative Performance.
3B; Brooklyn, NY.
"Animamus Art Salon," Performance / Artist Talk.
Old Schoolhouse; Brooklyn, NY.
"Pulse Laser Holography," Workshop Residency.
The Center for the Holographic Arts, OSU, Columbus, OH.
Instructor: Sam Moree
"The Museum of Museums," Performance.
Launchpad; Brooklyn, NY.
"Operation Pop the Trunk," Ensemble Performance.
Undisclosed Locations; Downstate, NY
Director: Jonah Levy
"I Love to <3 NY," Ensemble Performance.
ESCAPE TO NY; Southampton, NY
Director: Phillip Gulley
"Office of Local Tourism," Performance / Photography / Installation.
Boggsville Boatel; Far Rockaway, NY.
"Active Knowledge Academy (AKA)," Associate Faculty Member.
Bronx River Arts Center, Bronx, NY.
Dean: Hector Canoge
"2011 Summer Exhibition," Digital Image.
The BYTE Gallery, Lexington, KY.
"Boardroom Bed & Breakfast," Collaborative Performance2.
NY OPEN Center, New York, NY.
"BarCamp," Participatory Performance2.
SCOPE Art Show, New York, NY.
"TPS Reports," Performance Documents2.
Space Camp Gallery, Indianapolis, IN.
"Innerotel," Performance.
Select Hotel Lobbies, New York, NY.
"Hotel Savoy," Ensemble Performance.
PS122 & Goethe Institut, New York, NY.
Director: Dominic Huber.
"Process Dinner," Collaborative Performance2.
3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY.
"Grief & Food," Performance / Photography / Installation.
Atlantic Yards Art Project, Brooklyn, NY.
"Commuter Assistance II," Collaborative Performance2.
MTA's Atlantic Avenue Station, Brooklyn, NY.
"Monodon Monoceros," Ensemble Performance.
Luca Lounge, New York, NY.
"Welcome Home Soldier," Collaborative Performance2.
Emily Harvey Foundation, New York, NY.
"Measurements," Performance.
The Living Theater, New York, NY.
"Transmission," Collaborative Performance2.
MoMA, New York, NY.
"The Other Room," Ensemble Performance, for video.
Wittmann's, Vienna, Austria.
Director: Alfredo Barsuglia.
"Board Meeting," Collaborative Performance6.
Sunshine Suites, New York, NY.
Dinner Theatre: Luncheon.
"Stay For Breakfast," Collaborative Performance5.
Homestead Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.
"The Collectors' Guild," Collaborative Performance2.
X Initiative, New York, NY.
"Our Bad Words," Collaborative Performance1.
The New & Attractive Juveniles, Brooklyn, NY.
"Dancing Couple Over Time," Collaborative Performance2.
Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY.
"Getting to Know You," Lifestyle Performance.
Private Residence, Brooklyn, NY.
"Strangers in Close Proximity," Ensemble Performance.
Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, Brooklyn, NY.
"Bacon Panty," Collaborative Performance1.
HI Christina, Brooklyn, NY.
"Dinner Theatre," Recurring Collaborative Performances1.
New York Area, NY.
Episode #4: The Birthday Parties4.
Episode #3: Mobile Picnic 3.
Episode #2: Surprise Craigslist Subletters1.
Episode #1: Guests as Performers1.
"The Work Office," Three Collaborative Performances2.
The Work Office (TWO), New York, NY.
Week #3: Soup Kitchen.
Week #2: Commuter Assistance.
Week #1: Microcosm.
"Free Car Service," Recurring Performance.
Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
"Food For Thought," Group Exhibition.
Sumei Art Center, Newark, NJ.
"Bacon Bookmarks," Collaborative Performance1.
Factory, Brooklyn, NY.
"PhotoWorks '09," Group Exhibition.
Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY.
Juror: Malcolm Daniel; Met Museum, New York, NY.
"Omnium Gathera," Various Collaborative Performances1.
Flux Factory, Long Island City, NY.
"National Juried Photography Exhibition," Group Exhibition.
1212 Gallery, Richmond, VA.
Juror: Dr. Carol McCusker; MoPA, San Diego, CA.
"I'll Live Here; Watch Me," Four Guerrilla, Collaborative Performances1.
Open House New York, NY.
"New Directions '07," Group Exhibition.
Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY.
Juror: José Luis Blondet; Dia Art Foundation, New York, NY.
"National Juried Photography Exhibition," Group Exhibition.
1212 Gallery, Richmond, VA.
Juror: Brian Paul Clamp; New York, NY.
"Five By Three," Under 5.
Midtown Int'l Theatre Festival, New York, NY.
"Works on Paper," Group Exhibition.
The Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences, NJ.
Juror: Carter E. Foster; Whitney Museum, New York, NY.
"Gorilla For Sale," Performance.
H-Street Art Fair.
SUNY Purchase, Purchase, NY.
"Si Ves Algo Di Algo," Collaborative Performance1.
New York City Subway, IRT.


In Collaboration:

w/ Anne-Marie Creamer, Enoch Chen, Santiago Morilla,
  PepeNero & GAP Project.
w/ Matthew Gantt, Phillip Gulley, Ellen O'Meara,
  Lisa Reynolds, & 0H10M1KE.
w/ Mini Kyung.
w/ Chloë Bass, Jean Ann Douglass, John J. A. Jannone,
Matt Licari, Herb Lockyer, Naomi Miller,
Sebastian A. Sora, & Matthew P. Tomkiel.
w/ Jean Ann Douglass, Phillip Gulley, & Lisa Reynolds.
w/ Karl Allen, Chloë Bass, Phillip Gulley,
Jaime O'Neill - McGovern,
  Lisa Reynolds, & 0H10M1KE.
w/ 0H10M1KE, Naomi Miller
w/ Chloë Bass.
w/ 0H10M1KE.



09/15-09/17 1010data
04/03-05/15 IBM Corporation
09/08-12/08 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
10/01-04/03 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
02/01-07/01 Institute for International Research



Residencies & Awards

Fondazione Con Il Sud, "Innovative and Special Projects," Progetto GAP Grant.
PepeNero "Moving Landscape" Residency, Lecce Italy.
HoloCenter, Ohio State University "Pulse Laser Holography," Workshop Residency.
Kosciuszko Foundation McKain-Genza Scholarship.
Brooklyn College, Travel Grant: Gdansk Poland,
Graduate Investment Program Alternativa Arts Festival.
Brooklyn College, Materials Grant: Bostick & Sullivan,
Graduate Investment Program Non-Silver Photographic Chemicals.
Brooklyn College, Graduate Winner:
Library Art Collection "Dancing Couple Over Time," Collaborative Performance
Brooklyn College, Honorable Mention:
Library Art Collection "Ad For Vik," Type-C Print.
Sumei Art Center Group Residency.




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